Although Spain has taken over the football world quite recently, given the fact that they weren’t recognized as an international force until 2008, it is quite evident that football has emerged as an important game for sports aficionados since then.

Real Madrid ruled football throughout the twentieth century and was the most beautiful team to inhabit the grounds of football. They won five European Cups in the 1950s and later became renowned as the best football club of the century.

In the 21st century, Real Madrid managed to win the Champions League 11 times out of 16 which is an amazing haul for a team that is deemed as the best. However, Barcelona has emerged as the recent arch-rivals, Real Madrid. They have taken over the world of football as a dominant force and have won four Champion League competitions so far. It won’t be wrong to say that the history is being rewritten, this time with some other team claiming the title of the best.

It’s hard to believe that a team from La Liga would not win the trophy each year. Statistical analyses have very well revealed that Atletico Madrid lost to Blaugrana in 2011 and 2015 while Los Blancos took victory over the former team in 2014 and 2016.

It’s quite evident that Barcelona is keen on not letting their bitter rivals hoist the trophy once again. Their entire campaign would be judged on how well they outlast Real Madrid and win the match on the world’s biggest stage.

The Champions League trophy was rebranded in 1992 and no team has ever defended it ever since. This means that Real Madrid might not be able to take this trophy home this year as the chances are high that Barcelona will be victorious this May. Here are five reasons to support this proposition:


There can be no better reason for the victory of Barcelona than the remarkable capability of their attacking trio – Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar. For even those who are unfamiliar with the striking nature of their skills, let us emphasize on the fact that they have scored over 100 goals since the time they started playing together in 2014. In just two seasons, 100 goals is an astonishing number to achieve.

Although there are many instances in the past when the team suffered hard times, they have always emerged from the crisis as determined professional and the players have carried the team in the toughest of times. Be it Suarez’s ban from football because of the World Cup controversy or a feud between Messi and Enrique after defeating at Santiago Bernabeu, the team has always stayed together and overcame every hurdle that came in their way with utmost patience and sportsmanship. If they continue with the same enthusiasm, Barcelona might be the favorite team for attaining more European success this season.

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