DERBY DIG: Did Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo aim a punch at Atletico Madrid’s Koke during derby


Football has always been the game of sportsmanship but the Madrid Derby can sometimes be a fiery affair and one such example of it was witnessed when Cristiano Ronaldo and Koke clashed over some issue.

During the Derby, football champion Cristiano Ronaldo was about to take a swing at Koke who was the midfielder for Atletico Madrid.

As Ronaldo tried to make a headed pass from Gareth Bale, he got tangled up with Koke and struggled to jostle for the ball. The Portuguese player definitely gets irritated by the fact that Koke is quite physical and thus clenches his fist to aim a dig at him. Both the players clash in the box but Ronaldo realized in time that he might be banned from the game for a very long period if the situation gets further heated up. This made him line up his punch before pulling out at Koke in aggression.

All of the drama ended up with Ronaldo and Koke going head to head with their chests pumped out as far as possible but neither of them dared to start a fight because of the consequences that might have followed.

Ronaldo soon managed to score a second goal that night and celebrated for his derby hat-trick. However, both of the players were booked later on account of their behavior and were separated from each other. They were given the warning to stop calling each other by names and waving their arms in the air.

The audience remains unaware of what was going on in Ronaldo’s mind at such a crucial moment in the match but one thing is for sure: Ronaldo is a much better football player than a boxer. The entire credit of his team’s score 3-0 goes to Ronaldo as he single-handedly scored a hat-trick.

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