Match Balls To Be Used In 2016-17 Top Football Competitions


Match Balls To Be Used In 2016-17 Top Football Competitions

Official match balls in 2016-17 season
2016-17 season is already underway and we now have our group stages of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League which will be starting in mid september. Adidas has revealed the official match ball set to be used in this season’s champions league. We have full list of official match balls which will be used in all major league’s around europe and other european tournaments.

UEFA Champions League 2016-17 Official Match Ball:

The new champions league ball was revealed during the group stage draw on 25th August 2016. It features the traditional star panel in dark green colour. The panel also feature unique hand writing style text “play your life, I play mine” and “Faster than a bullet” etc.

UEFA Europa League 2016-17 Match Ball:

Just like the Champions League, Europa League also get its own unique match ball which was released with the group stage draw of the tournament. The new Europa League ball comes in pretty much the same design like last year only major difference is the colors used on the panel.

Premier League Nike Ordem 4 Match Ball:

Nike has come up with one of the boldest design for Premier League 2016-17 match ball and it comes with new premier league logo. The ball features mainly white colour with black application outlining the panels while the panel themselves feature multicolored design.

La Liga 2016-17 Match Ball:

If Adidas dominates major cup competitions under FIFA and UEFA banners, Nike dominates the major leagues around europe. Just like premier league, Nike also supply match balls to La Liga, Serie A and several other top league. Below is the Official match ball for Spanish la Liga.

Italian Serie 2016-17 Match Ball: Nike Ordem 3

Based on the Nike Ordem 3 design, Nike released the official match ball for Italian Serie a and it comes with very similar design to that off La Liga and Premier League.

German Bundesliga 2016-17 Match Ball: (Torfabrik)

Adidas released the official Bundesliga match ball also called “Torfabrik” for 2016-17 season. It comes in a very unique understated coloured design which features different shades of black/grey with contrasting red to stand out.

French Ligue 1 Match Ball:

Adidas also supplies match balls to French Ligue 1 and the official ball for 16/17 season looks something like this.